Client List
Convivia 2000, Singapore
Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Resort Talent & Entertainment, Naples, FL
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Palm Springs, CA
'Cutthroat Island' Premiere, LA, CA
'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves' LA, CA
'Buried in Time' CD-ROM game, SD, CA
'Chess Wars' CD-ROM game, LA, CA
Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV

Mariners' Museum, Newport News, VA
Museum Replicas Limited, Conyers, GA 
Green Meadows Productions, Pasadena, CA
SBC Communications, San Francisco, CA
Presto Studios, San Diego, CA
Sanctuary Woods, San Mateo, CA
Miss America Pageants, Inc, CA
RSA Security Conference, San Jose CA
Edwards Cinemas, Los Angeles, CA
United Artists Theatres, Los Angeles, CA
Perfect Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Ibidis Mortem Productions, Irving, TX
Entertainment Unlimited! Los Angeles, CA
Knightsbridge Productions, Los Angeles, CA
A.R.D. Productions, Atlantic City, NJ                       
McFarlane Promotions, San Diego, CA
Noteworthy Entertainment, San Diego, CA
Byways Entertainment, Palm Springs, CA
Faith House Inc., Lafayette, LA

Crossroads Productions, Corona, CA
Celebrate Fairfax! Fairfax, VA
Twain Miners Fair, Quincy, CA
Fancy Plaide Ball, Fullerton, CA
Wild Western Days, Alvarado, TX
Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, Inc. Houston, TX
Centennial Celebration, Cathedral City, CA
Renaissance World Conference, San Jose, CA
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Southern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA
Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD             
Florida Renaissance Festival, Deerfield Beach, FL           Michigan Renaissance Festival, Holly, MI
Connecticut Renaissance Festival, Hebron, CT             Kansas City Renaissance Festival, KS
King Richard's Faire, Carver, MA
Louisiana Renaissance Festival, Hammond, LA 
Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, PA
Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre, Fair Oaks, CA
Central Coast Ren Faire, San Luis Obispo, CA
Renaissance Of Kings, Hanford, CA 
Escondido Renaissance Festival, CA
Tulare County Renaissance Festival, CA
San Marcos Renaissance Festival, CA
Age of Chivalry Ren Festival, Las Vegas, NV
Santa Barbara Ren Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
We pride ourselves on our ability to perform shows
that engage and entertain children, as well as appealing
to the wit and sensibilities of mature audiences.
I saw your show a couple of times in Kansas City
and I was so impressed I am actually writing my
first fan letter! What held my attention where the
amazing fencing abilities you guys displayed.
(Both physically and verbally!) It was great fun to
watch. My family always enjoys what we call
"smart people humor," and your show is a perfect
example of just that. I can no other answer make
but thanks and thanks!
-Rebecca Wright
My wife Kati and I bought season tickets to the MI
ren fest and I must say that you two have been a
great source of entertainment for us there. We've
been out every weekend and we've caught your
show every day...sometimes twice. The swordplay
is great, especially the solo display Randal does
(very impressive I might add). We both love the
comedy and stunts, and look forward to your show
again and again. GREAT job guys...AWESOME show!
-Mike and Kati Hurlahe
I just wanted to drop you boys a quick note commending
you on your ASTOUNDING performances two Saturdays
ago in Hammond. Holy crap, you guys rock! This was
the day I took my boyfriend to his first ren faire, and
glory be, we managed to find YOUR gem of a pro-
duction. This, my lovelies, is the core of what I wanted
my Boo to see. I can't imagine how many scores of
hours of rehearsal went into that show. The comedy
was outstanding, the sword play better. So thank you
greatly for a wonderful show that taught my beau why
I love renaisance festivals so much. Now he can't wait
to get to another!
-Julia Rose Peterson
you guys put on a great show. 'Twas the best comedy/fighter act any of us had ever seen. What makes yours different isHey, your ability to pull an audience into watching your motions & also get the jokes, timing it all for that little light bulb to click on for us. But you're also doing the "I'm not taking myself so seriously" attitude that makes it seem like we're having fun with you, not just watching you guys.
Hi, Randal, Lynn and I saw you at the Renaissance Festival in Pittsburgh. We are having soooo much fun telling everyone about your show. The two of you work very well together. We are the twins that saw your show twice. I am the Nun of the duo so I will be praying for you both. I hope that God has a Good sense of humor. If not, you two will be in a lot of trouble (just kidding).
-Ann Knaebel

I'm the other half of the duo, Lynn. I can't wait when I get home to Virginia. I'm going to talk about the festival and your show. :-) You both do a great job working together. Keep it up. (HA!! HA!!) I better quit while I'm ahead. PUL-LEASE continue THE MANLY ART OF THE EPIC DUEL!
-Lynn Knaebel

I just recently had the pleasure of seeing the both of you at the Renaissance Festival in PA this weekend. Let me just say that you guys are fantastic (not to mention incredibly funny)!! You're show was great! I have not laughed that hard in a while! And the timing the two of you have is awesome! A little dirty, but awesome! My 8 year old kept asking me, "what does that mean? " and "why did they do that?" Stitches! I was just in stitches! Great Job guys!! 
"Their performance was pure comedy, bawdy without being offensive, appealing to adults as well as children. A calculated, well practiced routine accentuated by hilarious improvisation and spur of the moment ad-libs that brought the audience into their act."
-Peter G. Dryer, Producer
Twain Miners Fair

"Their physical repartee is as sharp as their wit."
-San Luis Obispo Tribune

"The Duelists know their weapons--which include whips, flails and axes as well as a variety of swords and daggers (with sly references to Hobbs, Di Grassi, et al. for insiders in the audience)--resulting in crisply-executed physical humor..."
-Moulinet: An Action Quarterly

"These guys are the funniest swordsmen I've ever seen!"
-Fred McElhaney, Director
Age of Chivalry

The Duelists unique brand of comedy and audience interaction was every bit as good as I had come to expect from them and their daring with swords, knives, pistols, and bullwhips had many an audience member gasping, clapping and cheering. The Duelists have talent, integrity, and responsibility, and would be wonderful addition to any event looking for quality entertainment.
-Craig Lutke, Ibidis Mortem Productions

"Randal and his boys provided just the right amount of action; captivating and exciting, but not too violent."
-Richard Byford, Byways Entertainment

I just wanted to say thank you for coming out to SLU yesterday. I heard nothing but compliments about your performance. Without your wit, humor and style, I doubt it would have been as successful as it was. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! - Tonya Conard, Southern Louisiana University

Thanks for making the fair so fun. Your material is really sharp and fresh, and the comedic timing is excellent. For that reason, I think your show really stands out above the rest of the acts at the faire.
-Kathleen Shea, Moresca Clothiers

Got to see your show this last weekend and lovedit. Heck, even got to heckle you and got heckled in return! I wanted to let you know how much fun you both were to watch! Keep up the great work!!
-Wayde Schwarting